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The Black Peoples Dialohue is a cultural and community website with a GO.A.L. to UpLift™, EmPower™ & UnIfy™ the many different peoples, histories, cultures and communities of the Afrikan Diaspora.

Our 3 Steps Forward to our GO.A.L.™

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We publish content related to the whole Afrikan Diaspora, and even non-Afrikan, “Black” people. This includes historical events and stories, factual information, such as statistics, and concepts and ideologies, such as the epidemic of poverty and HIV/AIDS in Black Communities around the world.

Black Communities

A Platform for Dialogue.
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Our forum and Duka store is a free platform for dialogue and interaction between the many different peoples and communities of the African diaspora.

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The Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue™ (also known as Black Peoples Dialogue™) was created to promote awareness to the many different peoples of the Afrikan Diaspora. Today, we've expanded to an online community, and our GO.A.L.™ is to produce a mass of content that we become a database of concepts, statistical facts, and historical events.

The website is still being constructed and developed but feel free to explore some of its features.

Our 'BlackCommunities' forum community is also being constructed but should be up soon. Check out our Afrikan folktales and Caribbean proverbs in the Diaspora section, our 'BlackHistoryNow' blog, Afrii-News feeds, or the important epidemic of HIV in Black/ Afrikan communities.

Content of Site Includes:

  • Our collection of historical events encompassing histories from the whole Afrikan Diaspora.
  • HIV/ AIDS statisitcs and information.
  • Proverbs and folktales of the Afrikan Diaspora.
  • Our 'BlackHistoryNow' blog and our 'Afrii-News' (RSS) feed imports from AfroCentric, Afrikan , and Afro-Caribbean news companies.
  • And more.

Black Communities

Our 'Black Communites' is an online forum community where real dialogue, social interaction, and information exchange can take place. It's being developed, but you can check out our community calendar.

Duka (Store)

In our 'Duka' store we sell novels, eBooks, Adinkra symbol jewelry, hoodie sweatshirts, and more.This includes everything from Slave Narratives, Urban Fiction books, and historical text.

@The Afrii Diaspora Dialogue

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    (GO Attain Life)
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